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Are you an ardent fan of theater plays; or perhaps passionate about history and the arts? If yes, then Siam Niramit is a must see place for you!

If you are planning to travel to Bangkok, make sure to include Siam Niramit in your list of places to visit. This US$40 million investment showcases a world-class theatrical presentation of Thai history and culture. The theater itself can accommodate up to 2,000 guests and is a Guinness World Record holder for having the tallest proscenium (the arch around the stage) of 11.9 m.

Before the main show at the Siam Niramit Theater, visitors are given a pre-performance of Thai cultural dance at the multi-purpose grounds (in-front of the main entrance of the theater). Guests may also take photos with real gigantic elephants. There is also a traditional Thai massage sampler that lasts about 15 minutes. And if you happened to got carried away, a full Thai massage can be availed too. One section I like at Siam Niramit is the simulation of the ancient Thai village/community. Visitors can enter various models of Thai houses both from Northern and Southern Thailand which are surrounded by rice fields and canals. Visitors can also take a 5-minute ride of the small traditional boats. Aside from the mock rice fields, there is also the sugar and vegetables plantations.

The main event which is the stage play at the Siam Niramit Theater usually starts at around 8:00 p.m. When I entered this 2,000 seater theater, I was impressed with the murals which I already expected to be automated and retractable during the performance. The play is divided into three major acts namely: (1) Journey Back to History which presents Thai religious faith and ancient heritage of Thai civilization; (2) Journey beyond Imagination which presents Thai belief that life continues after death in a Fiery Hell or at a Blissful Heaven; and (3) Journey Through Joyous Festivals which presents various religious and colorful Thai ceremonies all throughout the year.

My favorite part of the show is the amazing transformation of the wooden stage floor into a flowing river where one of the performers plunged into the water and swam. Much to this, there were about four boats which sailed from both sides of the stage. So just imagine how great the stage concept is! And to present the seasons of planting and harvesting at the Central Plains, it also rained at the stage! This is one of my two most favorite highlights of the play!!! Next to that is the "blissfully-perfect" stage lighting and direction during the Blissful Heaven scene of Act 2. If I recalled correctly, there were 12 performers flying smoothly and freely as heavenly beings in this scene. The timing and lighting were just perfect!

Overall, the show and the place itself are worth experiencing for! It was indeed a good journey to the colorful and enchanted Thai history and civilization.

Siam Niramit is located at 19 Tiamruammit Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok.
The nearest MRT (subway) station is Thai Cultural Centre. Shuttle buses are also provided at the MRT station.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok and would like to avail of the Siam Niramit package (including dinner before the show), you may contact:

MABUHAY Travel Agency Bangkok

747/7 Bangkok-Nonthaburi Road 21/1

Bangsue, Bangkok 10800 Thailand

Tel.: +66-2-585-7873

Tel/Fax: +66-2-911-2098

Mobile: +6689-112-2098

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Mike said...

I am a big fan of theatre actually. Just not sure if i'll ever be out to Bangkok :/

Tinta Floja said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, the picture on the banner was taken at Los Angeles County Museum. The artist is Jeff Koons.

ßry™ said...

thanks, Mike for your comments.

if you happen to have the chance to be in Bangkok, don;t forget to catch the show. It's really good!



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very nice blog! i really enjoy your pics!

The greatest gift said...

Well Bry, just to say thanx for dropping by to my blog

Anyway, i'm not a fan of theatre. However, i know from my friends who works in Bangkok that Bangkok is the beautiful city. Hope one day, i'll be there for a long holiday with my family


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