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Would you like to see dolphins play around like kids right before your very eyes? Or perhaps a group of gigantic killer whales spy-hop and lift their entire bodies out of the water? Then Sea World San Diego is the right place for you!

Being one of the world's premier marine theme parks, SeaWorld is California's 200 acres of world-class dolphin and whale shows, exciting rides and up-close animal interactions. Although millions of its visitors are predominantly children, I would say that this place is also for those young at heart. I myself had a wonderful time here! To see live dolphins and whales perform in a fiesta carnival-like shows was truly an exhilarating experience. Imagine the gigantic whales and dolphins show off and enthusiastically mingle and play with the audience. As a warning, you should prepare yourself to get soaking wet if you happen to be seated in the first 14 rows as these highly-spirited creatures will vigorously splash waters to their audience during the show.

And talk about star performers --- the ultimate star at Sea World is Shamu. Right now, "Shamu" is a stage name given to one of the living orcas at Seaworld. The original Shamu died in August 1971.

Shamu slides out during "BELIEVE: The Shamu show",
the most popular show at SeaWorld, running 20 minutes
and showing up to six times a day.

Sea World special attractions

Sesame Street Bay of Play

Interaction with Beluga Whales

Journey to Altantis

Pet Show featuring dogs, cats and birds.

Dolphin Interaction Program

Seaworld San Diego boasts of its record high of more than 80 million visitors. And before I got older I finally had the chance to explore and experience its real adventure and thrills!