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First time here was not as good as the second time --- a chance to finally roam around and discover what's in the City of Angels --- the City of my all-time favorite TV series, 24!

First stop --- the LAX International Airport. Being the fifth busiest commercial airport in the world and the third busiest in the United States, LAX gives you a first glance how diverse Los Angeles is --- people of different nationalities, of distinct fashion statement --- a good starting point, that is!

As in my other trips, just to get the actual feel and photos of global landmarks of the places I visit, would complete the adventure! Topping the list is the Hollywood Sign! Looking from the Hollywood & Highland Center, the sign was quite small! Though I didn't manage to get as close as I've wanted to the Hollywood Sign, it was nonetheless a happy experience.

The Hollywood Sign from the viewing deck of Hollywood and Highland Center

Hollywood and Highland Center

Next is the Hollywood Walk of Fame where over 2,000 brass stars are embedded on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Printed on the stars are names of popular celebrities. There is one stall that sells tricked-photo with you and your name engraved on a star. Problem is --- it's too costly! me and my stinginess! hahaha!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Talk about glitz and showbizness, LA is the home of the Academy Awards. 3 ceremonies were held in the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Aside from its stunning Chinese architecture, famous features of this Theatre are the concrete blocks set in the forecourt bearing signatures, footprints, and handprints of popular celebrities from the 1920s to the present day. The Kodak Theatre which is on the same block as Grauman's, is the latest home of the Oscar's. Too bad though as I didn't manage to get in. sigh...

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Kodak Theatre

What makes LA lights shine even brighter is the Universal Studios Hollywood! This "Entertainment Capital of L.A." is a one-stop destination for those who would like to enjoy movies, shopping, drinks, food, and history of the movie industry. The Universal City Walk is a strip of restaurants, shops, and cinemas. Best spot here is ofcourse the Universal Studios Uniglobe -- which summarizes everyone's Universal fantasies.

The Universal Studios Uniglobe

Universal Citywalk

Now what completes L.A. tour for most people? Whatelse --- it's the visit to Disneyland Resort! Disney's theme park is actually situated in Anaheim, California but it's just so associated to L.A. that's why people oftentimes think it is located in L.A. There's just one thing I proved though, Disneyland is really a place for kids and young at heart to enjoy. And this one fulfilled childhood dream of mine ends this particular post for my blog. 'Til next time!

The Disney Tram will take you to the Disneyland Resort.