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Since I am unable to catch-up and continue writing about my travel stints, I decided to take a break from travel writing for this particular post --- a break for a cause indeed.

I am guilty for being a contributor to global warming just by computing my carbon footprint for a one-way trip from Bangkok to San Francisco:

1 passenger , flying from BANGKOK (BKK) to SAN FRANCISCO, CA (SFO) ( 12,749 Km ),
in Premium Class (Economy Premium, Business, or First)
generates about 1,800.23 Kg of CO2

Calculate your carbon footprint using the United Nations ICAO
Carbon Emissions Calculator which is available at

And to make this break truly for a cause, I urge everyone to learn more about global warming. This is the best time to involve yourself in today's most alarming issue of the humanity.

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I CARE about the environment. Stop GLOBAL WARMING!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

you have beautiful pictures on your blog!

Ender said...

Is that a lot? lol
I just got back from Thailand myself, my dad and his wife live there, it's really a wonderful place to travel.